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3 reasons to take your teen with acne straight to the doctor

With an abundance of acne products available over the counter in pharmacies and in supermarkets, you could be forgiven for thinking that acne is a simple, manageable condition that can be easily treated at home. And whilst this may be the case for a lucky few who only encounter the odd pimple here and there, having actual acne, as in, the chronic, inflamed and often painful kind, can be a different story altogether. 

As a parent, it can be difficult to convince your teenager to do anything, let alone see a doctor about their acne. But dermatologists recommend parents to persist as it is important to treat the root cause of acne as soon as it starts, in order to prevent longer term issues such as acne scars and mental health problems down the track.

Kleresca Acne Treatment

Here are 3 good reasons to bypass the skin care aisle of your supermarket or pharmacy and go directly to the doctor’s office:

Prevention of Scars
The longer your teen’s acne goes untreated (or sub-optimally treated at home), the greater the likelihood that he or she will experience acne scarring.  A dermatologist can thoroughly examine and treat your teen’s acne, significantly improving skin quality, treat existing scars and reduce the likelihood of any future scarring. 


Pimples, redness and pain are enough for anyone to want to shy away from a crowd, but couple this with the social pressures of high school and a desire to fit in, and you have yourself the ‘perfect storm’ for mental health problems to arise, such as anxiety and depression. Acne has been shown to have a profound psychological, as well as physical, effect on adolescents.  The longer acne persists, the greater the chances your teen has of experiencing a dip in self-confidence and self-esteem. So we recommend to nip acne in the bud by encouraging your teen to see a doctor straight away, no matter how mild it may seem to you.

Cost saving

You might think it counter-intuitive to the family budget, to take your teen to see a dermatologist for their acne. But, if you take into account how much you would otherwise be spending on over the counter acne products, the latest ‘must have’ beauty products and makeup that your teen saw on the latest ‘how to hide your pimples’ tutorial on YouTube, you may begin to see the financial benefit in early intervention from a dermatologist. Whilst dermatological treatments for acne aren’t exactly cheap, they are backed by science, highly effective and have the potential to get your teen back to enjoying life sooner than if they were to self-treat at home. 

We hope we have helped to highlight the importance of early intervention and treatment of acne. 

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