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My acne is gone, but I still have scars…Why?

Acne is already very painful, but even when we can get rid of it, sometimes it may leave a permanent memory on our skin. For many of the sufferers, it is a  painful reminder of what they suffered from. But why does acne leave scars?  

Acne lesions, the so-called pimples, are the result of an inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands in our skin. Not all the acne lesions cause scars, it depends on a lot of factors, even on the type of skin you have.

But let’s imagine what your body goes through when there is a pimple and the body tries to "fight" it.

The skin where we have the pimple is under stress because there is a fight going on in that area, kind of a battle field. This battle field is even bigger if we think in those cases with moderate to severe acne.

Having an abnormal healing process can lead to scars

Since the skin is not in its "normal" condition, dealing with inflammation and irritation, that area might end up having an abnormal healing process, which can lead to scars. But why is it happening?

Kleresca acne treatment

We have a very important type of cells in our skin, called fibroblasts. These are the ones producing collagen, that is normally responsible for ‘filling the hole’ when we have a lesion in our skin, like a pimple. But sometimes, the story is not that easy.

Imagine now that these fibroblasts are under stress. They get confused and might end up producing too little or too much collagen. This imbalance will leave a scar in your skin. 

When there is too less collagen, we talk about atrophic scars, and they are the most common type of scars. They can even be further classified depending on their shape.  

The other types of scars are known as ‘hypertrophic scars’ and ‘keloids’, and they are the results of too much collagen in the area of the lesion. Basically, these scars look like bumps in our skin. 

Are you curious to learn more about scars? You can visit the following section of the web page to know more about them!

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