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What Kendall and Bieber have in common?  

Do you every now and then get the feeling that you are the only person in the world experiencing breakouts, bad acne, or inconvenient pimples? Well, the team behind Kleresca® can let you in on a little secret – you are not!

You are not alone when it comes to struggling with acne, whether it’s mild, severe or suddenly shows up at a bad time. Even celebrities whom to the public eye never seem to have any problems with their skin can deal with everything from pimples caused by stress to severe acne and breakouts. 

Social media constantly exploit twisted ideals of beauty
In the realm of our modern society, where Photoshop is a well-known reality and where social media constantly exploit twisted ideals of beauty, the social portrait of what it means to be beautiful is somewhat disturbing. When the pressure from our friends and families continue to grow, and the ever so glamorous world of celebrities with their flawless skin, it is not unusual to feel like the only one experiencing skin problems. But, in the world of fame, celebrities constantly find themselves unable to escape the horror of being in the spotlight. Imagine being followed around and not being able to hide your face from the flashes of a camera. This is the reality of many celebrated young women and men today who just like you deal with skin conditions. 

Kleresca acne treatment

Are you familiar with superstars such as the gorgeous model Kendall Jenner who always look like a million dollars no matter where she is, or perhaps one of the most eligible bachelor in the world, singer and songwriter Justin Bieber? Like any other human, they too deal with acne, pimples and breakouts.  

"Never let that shit stop you!"
Most recently, Kendall Jenner caused an outrage at the Golden Globes when she decided to show up looking incredible, whilst simultaneously embracing her acne. Kendall later responded to comments from young girls who applauded her confidence on the social network Twitter saying: “never let that shit stop you!”.  

At Kleresca® we applaud women like Kendall who have the courage to empower women all over the globe, to show that there is beauty behind acne, and to embody the mindset that acne is a normality amongst us all. It is important to have idols like Jenner and Bieber in the spotlight to emphasise that we are all the same and that most of us experiences acne at some point in our life.

Stop hiding and embrace your true colours
One of our goals at Kleresca® is to help people feel good in their skin, and to boost the confidence of people who struggle with acne, which is exactly why examples as this one helps us in our mission.  

We encourage all of you to stop hiding, to embrace your true colours and to stop worrying about what others might think of your skin. The acceptance of your acne is one important milestone in dealing with a skin disease, a milestone we wish to acknowledge and applaud with our philosophy of #nomorehiding

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