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I never feel totally happy

The third party at high school this year, and he’s not going. Again. It’s not that he doesn’t want to. He just feels he can’t. He’s sixteen. He’s turning into a young man. And he never looks anybody in the eye.

He hasn’t always felt this uncomfortable. This embarrassed. But it’s been like this for a while now and it’s keeping him in his room behind the computer where nobody sees his face.  

“I don’t feel comfortable with myself and it’s difficult to start conversations with people at parties because the first thing they’ll see is my face. People will judge me as an unhealthy person. So I prefer staying at home”

Feeling outside of everyone
He suffers from acne. Like many young people around the world. And yet none of his friends or acquaintances have it. At least not that he knows of. 

“I talk to my best friend about it sometimes but it’s not like a want to talk about it a lot. He would never understand what it’s really like. I feel embarrassed talking about it. I know my friends feel sorry for me and hope that it gets better soon. But it never does. It makes me kind of lonely”

The pimples first appeared when he was in the 8th grade. But for the past year it has gotten worse. So much that he has a serious impact on his social life.  

“I’m not really part of the social life around me. It’s a terrible feeling. I feel kind of outside of everyone. And I never feel totally happy. I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. It’s just so uncomfortable”.  

Kleresca acne treatment

Acne is always there
He says going to the gym to train to look good makes no sense when you have acne anyway. He says things can make him glad but that he never really feels happy because the acne is always there. He says having acne has impacted the way he approaches life in general.  

“I feel like I am a different person now than I was two years ago. I feel like the first thing people see is my face and I don’t blame them. If a person has acne it’s the first thing you see. It makes me feel sad though,…. that I have kind of become my acne”

Four times he has been to see the dermatologist. Under her guidance, he has tried different medical regimes. One of them was particularly awful. 

“I took pills in combination with some skin cream and it was terrible because it made my skin very dry, especially when I came out of the shower. My face hurt every time, my skin got very red and it was extremely painful to dry my face with the towel. So I turned away from that treatment after I realized it had so many side effects”. 

“Acne doesn’t hurt my health in general; it just hurts me personally. I don’t want to take medication that ruins my life going forward. Then I’d rather live with acne until my skin clears”.

This is a personal account from a 16- year-old-patient in Denmark. He prefers to be anonymous but his name and identity are known by Kleresca® 

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