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Christina had flawless skin until her mid-twenties, when she was diagnosed with stress

Christina had skin that many teens dream of. In 2015, Christina woke up and couldn’t see anything. Her skin was inflamed and irritated and felt like it was burning. She was diagnosed with a skin allergy and as a response, her skin broke out like never before.  

Since then, Christina has had skin problems on her face and she’s started breaking out with acne. “My chin starts reacting with big boils and pimples. It gets worse for each week and there is no way I can stop it”. 

In December 2017 she became aware of stress symptoms and the acne on her chin got even worse. She was diagnosed with stress and took sick leave from work. At the same time, she visited a psychologist on a regular basis. Christina is now struggling with her stress and depression, as well as her skin problems and confidence.  

“My skin escalates completely when I become sick. My confidence was miserable because of my skin. I did not want to eat cake or candy at work because I feared colleagues would think I was unhealthy. At this point I didn’t even wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my friends or do something socially what so ever”  

Kleresca acne treatment

The confidence began to disappear
“At work I advise clients in their private economy. I have long blond hair and I look young. I felt that people would see me as incompetent and younger than I am with acne on my face. The confidence that I usually had with me at work began slowly to disappear”.  

During this period, Christina visited the doctor several times and she was recommended a variety of strong creams and medicines. She reacted to everything and her skin developed a rash and became dry. 

“I feel that my skin reflects that I live an unhealthy lifestyle. That I am a “junk food junkie”. That it reflects something that I am not. It is something I can’t control. One thing is to be 15 years old and have acne. It is more normal to have this problem and people around you, understand it because they look the same. But being 27 and having this skin makes me feel like I am completely alone”. 

 “My biggest fear is to lie to people that I am close to. I have an inner struggle with myself to get out of the door for a social event. I tried to find excuses for everything. I can almost provoke myself to feel sick”.  

“A single time I went to the doctor without makeup, but have hidden me behind my huge scarf so you could only see my eyes and hoped I would not meet a soul on my way.” 

Tried everything  
Christina’s main problem is that her skin is sensitive due to her allergy. This is why she has to be very careful with what she is using.  

“I was recommended lots of different creams and treatments by my doctor and dermatologist, and have spent lots of money, but everything had negative results. I have been healed and received acupuncture that should clean my body from the inside. I feel I have been misguided in all my treatments and creams”.  

Christina was just about to give up, until she decided to research for private clinics, where she booked a skin analysis. Now she is starting a skin treatment and she hopes this will help her skin.  

“My skin is still not as I dream of and my skin is not what it was before I had this skin allergy. It’s like I have new skin that I don’t know how to handle.” 

She will start part-time work in one week because her stress leave is complete, despite the fact that she is still struggling with her confidence.  

"I wish I had spent my time and money at a private clinic from the beginning rather than buying one product after another. I also think that the products I have received at a private clinic are the ones that have helped me the most”.

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