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3 Tips: What Not to Say to Someone with Acne

In life, there are some situations that should be handled more delicately than others. Talking to a loved one about acne is one of those situations. Look, having acne can be tough. Sympathising with a friend, sibling, or partner who has acne can seem like a battle that you’ll never win. Here are a few tips on what NOT to say to someone who has acne, loved one or otherwise.  

1. Cut out dairy, sugar, or greasy foods from your diet! 
Sure, eating a healthy diet is good for your overall health. But, it’s not that simple because if it were then no one would have acne. What a wonderful world that would be! Even if your friend swears that cutting out dairy saved their skin, there is still no conclusive evidence to say that changing your diet will directly affect acne. Also, stop and think for a minute – they’ve probably already tried changing their diet.  

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2. Don’t let it bother you! 
Living with acne can create an emotional burden on a person’s livelihood and impact their life in negative ways – whether they openly talk about it or not. Acne can also be painful and lead to scarring, which lowers confidence levels. It’s not exactly something that is easily ignored because it is typically appearing on your face – you know, the thing that everyone looks at first.  

3. Just wash your face!
First and foremost, this comment can be hurtful. Acne sufferers have most likely tried a lot of cream and face-wash on the market – so suggesting this basic advice is probably not the best idea and could potentially come off as offensive. Contrary to popular belief, “pores do not get blocked from the top down due to ‘dirt’”, but pores become clogged from beneath the skin.  

All in all, people suffering from acne are aware that they have acne. Let them talk about it when they’re ready and be an advocate for them when are searching for solutions. Advice, though well-meaning, can sometimes cause more harm than good.

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