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3 Tips for Wedding-Ready Skin

Weddings can come with a lot of love, joy and, of course, planning. But one thing that shouldn’t be on your wedding to-do list: Worrying about your skin. That’s why we’re sharing three tips to help ensure your skin looks great on the big day. 

1. Manage wedding-planning stress
There are a lot of decisions and arrangements to be made during the wedding planning process. And all of that combined can be overwhelming. Try and take time for you, and only you, in the months leading up to the wedding to avoid stress-related breakouts or flare-ups in your skin. 

2. Find what works for your skin and stick to it 
Yes. Everyone, including you, probably knows this rule. And yet, people are still tempted to try out that new product everyone is raving about just weeks before the big day.  Just trust us, find a treatment that works for your skin do not stray from it. The earlier you find it, the better. 

3. Choose a gentle, non-invasive skin treatment 
In all fairness, those who have had Kleresca® treatments are often told, “You look like you’re in love”We think that’s a good look for a wedding. Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation is also gentle, non-invasive, and has limited to no downtime which is a great way to prevent skin anxiety before a big event. We know you’ll already be glowing, but Kleresca® helps make that glow last long after the “I Do’s”


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