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The Difference? It’s Fluorescent.  

What sets Kleresca® apart from other light therapies? Fluorescence . That’s right, our treatment uses fluorescent light energy (FLE) to normalise cellular activity, improve overall skin quality, and helps break down those pesky…but, wait, let’s back up a bit. We’re getting ahead of ourselves.  

Dermatology is no stranger to light therapy. There is a variety of different light therapies available, LED being one of the most common. Kleresca® uses LED light like many others so what makes us so special? Well, the magic is in the way we put the lamp to use. Here’s how it works: when our blue multi-LED light meets our specialised gel, the chromophores in the gel convert the light into fluorescence. And the part you’ll like the most? This process stimulates your skin’s own repair mechanisms with proven results and has little to no downtime.  

We are the only treatment that uses fluorescent light energy, period. The LED light can only penetrate your skin at one level, whereas fluorescent light energy penetrates the skin at multiple levels, making it a dynamic and unique way to treat your skin.

So, as we were saying before, fluorescent light energy works to normalise cellular activity, improve overall skin quality and helps break down those pesky confidence-related barriers that keep you from living your best life. FLE truly is dermatology in a different light.  



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Creation or Destruction?

Which would you choose for your skin? For us, the choice is easy.
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