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Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment

Feel the change

The difference is in the fluorescence

Discover a non-invasive treatment designed to target rosacea signs and symptoms.
Kleresca® uses fluorescent light energy to stimulate the skin’s own repair mechanisms.

Reduces inflammation, reducing the presence of papules and pustules
Reduces erythema and blushing by improving microvascularization
Reduces the overall stress level of the skin, thereby reducing the feeling of burning and stinging 
Induces a healing response, improving the overall skin quality 

The treatment has been designed to treat patients with rosacea that may suffer from very sensitive skin.
The treatment is non-invasive and well-tolerated with little to no downtime.
Patients usually describe the Kleresca® treatment as a pleasant and comfortable experience.

Rosacea – more than just blushing

Learn more about rosacea. What are the signs and symptoms of this skin disorder? Are there different types of rosacea?
For patients, what is it like to live with rosacea?

Learn more about rosacea

Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment,
a non-invasive treatment using fluorescent light energy

Discover a new treatment specifically developed for targeting the signs and symptoms of rosacea. Learn about how fluorescent light energy can activate the healing mechanisms of your skin.

Discover Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment

Real life results

See before and after images of patients that have already been treated with Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment and listen to their own stories and experiences.

Discover patient results

Frequently asked questions

Curious to know how many treatments you'll need? Or wondering how Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment feels?

Visit our FAQ page to get all the answers

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